Scale R&D Tax Credit Services

Leverage your clients' data.

All software companies keep track of their work using Version Control Systems. RetroacDev uses the documentation that your clients' have already created to calculate their R&D Tax Credit and generate a thorough report backed up by that very same data. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the process of software development, RetroacDev will walk you through determining whether and how much of a software company’s work qualified as R&D.

Expand your service offerings.

Perform Research Tax Credit studies in-house without farming them out to a specialty firm. Or leverage automation to expand your current Research Tax Credit practice without having to hire more employees.

Differentiate yourself to win new clients.

Offering easy and unintrusive Research Tax Credit studies makes your CPA firm stand out from the crowd and helps you win new clients.C

Unicorns talk to each other.

Innovative companies don’t operate in isolation - they’re part of a larger community of innovators, all following the pulse of new technology. We’re thrilled when our CPA partners tell us they've won new business using RetroacDev.

Use RetroacDev to run R&D Tax Credit studies for your clients.

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