Scale R&D Tax Credit Services

Leverage the data your clients are already creating throughout the year.

All software companies keep track of their work using Version Control Systems. These platforms track every change made by every engineer, and every version of the codebase, in case they need to be referenced later. Software engineers create a ton of data within these systems as part of their regular engineering work-flows. RetroacDev accelerates R&D Tax Credit Studies by analyzing this technical data in the context of the IRS rules for what types of activities qualify.

It's true -- You can provide in-house R&D services.

RetroacDev enables accountants with limited software engineering expertise to confidently provide R&D services for their startup clients.

Ask less of your clients.

No interviews. No daily task recording. No daily time-tracking. RetroacDev is simple to use and non-intrusive to clients' day-to-day operations.

Speak their language.

Now more than ever, clients are looking to their accountants for industry-specific expertise and advice. We'll get you up to speed on the technical side of things so you can better speak the language of your startup clients.

Use RetroacDev to run R&D Tax Credit studies for your clients.