Data-Driven R&D Tax Credit Analytics

RetroacDev analyzes version control data to determine how much software companies earned in R&D Tax Credits.

Most teams can claim around 10% of their cost

Data-Driven, Audit-Ready, Fully Integrated


RetroacDev analyzes data imported directly from software development platforms to drive R&D Tax Credit calculations and generates the supportive documentation the IRS requires of businesses claiming the tax credit.


RetroacDev generates detailed reports at multiple levels from Projects to Developers to Tasks - all using contemporaneous data created throughout the tax year.

No rework. No new process. No time-tracking.

Fully Integrated

RetroacDev integrates with your clients' software version control systems. We support GitHub, Bitbucket, Subversion (SVN), Microsoft TFS, and Mercurial, and we're actively adding more.

Built by innovators, for innovators.

For trailblazers and forward-thinkers

The Research Tax Credit can be worth 10% of the engineering payroll for your most innovative clients.

For companies at all stages

Even pre-profit startups can use the Research Credit to cut their FICA payroll taxes by up to $250,000.

At a value-driven price

RetroacDev plans start at $50 per engineer.

Whether you're an accountant or a startup, RetroacDev can help your business

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