The RetroacDev Workflow

1. Integrate

Invite your clients to upload their team's software engineering data directly into RetroacDev in a matter of seconds. We do NOT import clients' source code or intellectual property. Ask us for our Information Security documentation for more info on our data security and confidentiality practices.

2. Automate

RetroacDev imports meta-data about each software engineering task completed in the tax year and uses this data to:

1) Determine how much time each engineer spent on each R&D project.

2) Determine how much of each project was Qualified R&D vs. non-qualifying activities.

3) Generate contemporaneous work-logs for the entire tax year, showing each engineer's work on each R&D project.

Not tracking time? RetroacDev can determine how much of each developer’s time was spent on each software project.

3. Review

Claiming the R&D Tax Credit is equal parts art & science. We provide users with our best estimates based on the data imported, and let users make the final determination of how aggressive or conservative a tax credit to claim.

4. Report

Using W2/1099 compensation, RetroacDev calculates total Qualified Research Expenditure (QRE) in the tax year and generates robust documentation to protect your clients in the event of a future IRS Audit.


Send surveys, not interviewers

Email surveys to your clients' project managers, asking them to describe the projects they worked on. Customize the surveys or use our prepackaged questions covering the Four-Part Test and commonly excluded activities.

That survey data is fed straight into the Qualified Research Expense calculation.

Let robots handle the nitty-gritty

RetroacDev calculates each employee's Qualified Research percentage. Add in payroll data and voila: you've determined the bulk of total Qualified Research Expenses (QREs).

Our calculators automatically handle details like rounding up 80%-ers to 100%, deducting 35% from 1099 contractors, and getting state-by-state totals.

Document everything, access it anywhere

Keep all your calculations, surveys, supporting documents, and completed reports in an organized, online repository.

Generate as many full digital reports as you want.

Whether you're an accountant or a startup, RetroacDev can help your business