Where does the data come from?

What are version control systems?

Version control systems are what teams of software developers use to build software together.

Version control systems track every version of the codebase and 100% of code writing activity that's been submitted to the codebase by every developer on the team.

We like to use the analogy that it’s just like the "track changes" feature in a Google Doc. Version control systems allow engineering teams to collaborate on the project while tracking everyone's edits, what they changed, and when. It’s more complex and robust than that, but essentially the same concept. The most important thing is that virtually every team of software developers uses a version control system for projects they're collaborating on.

How do we use them?

RetroacDev pulls in data from software companies' version control systems and sorts out what of the work that they've done fits the IRS criteria for what qualifies for the R&D Tax Credit.

We built RetroacDev specifically for accountants to use with software clients and plan to expand the features to cover other industries as well.

Which version control systems do we support?

We're currently working on an integration with JIRA.

Whether you're an accountant or a startup, RetroacDev can help your business